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With inspiration from natural women, this blog will connect Naturals through our hair. This is a space for all people interested in the Natural Hair movement. Without forgetting my positionality as a man joining a community spearheaded by women, I pledge to be responsible. Please ask questions and submit!

Black owned natural hair products/companies →




This is just a reminder that a lot of our natural hair products and lines are owned by white companies and they really don’t care about us, so buy black, it actually goes back into our community!

Black owned:

Non black:

  • African pride 
  • Soft& Beautiful Botanicals
  • Care free curl
  • Dark and lovely Au naturale
  • Motions naturally you
  • Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care
  • Sof n’ Free Gro Healthy Nothing But
  • ORS curls unleashed (Organic root stimulator)
  • Pantene truly natural
  • Naturally Silk Elements

There are so many more that can be added to each list. Bottom line, help black business. And an added bonus to helping our community out is a lot of the lines are more natural or Vegan. 

More black owned natural hair additions, cus why not?

More non-black owned

Support black business!

Carol’s daughter is no longer black owned??


A lot of shit makes sense now.

(via vida-escarlate)

Sorry for not up keeping this blog! I have been on the job hunt. Glad to say I was offered a position and am in the training process for the job! woohoo!

Look forward to more pictures, styles, and help from friends coming soon!

Also any suggestions, please send them over!


I twisted out my hair. No real curl definition by my hair is soft as hell! →



Am I out of place for thinking team natural could be open to all black people? With the understanding that black women have a different history of oppression for natural hair. I recently wrote a post for my natural hair blog that black men may not be able to participate in the natural hair…

I think as a black man, I have learned more about myself, my body, embracing my beauty and blackness because of the natural hair movement. This to me is what the natural hair movement is about. That we as black people are beautiful and should take control of beauty standards.
This whole thing is also gendered oddly under a binary that I cannot co-sign to, and also suspiciously heteronormative. But I don’t want to derail from the question at hand.
Are men allowed to join in the natural hair movement?
I embrace my natural black hair, is that different from being part of the natural movement?

What do my followers think? The last thing I want to do is be invasive in a space where I am not wanted/ invited into.

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